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About Us

The GiftNow platform. It’s the ultimate gifting solution at scale.


The GiftNow platform was developed in Silicon Valley to address the unmet needs of gift-shopping consumers – an estimated $125 billion market.

The platform delivers a new approach for gifting solutions for Target, Coach, Uniqlo, Kate Spade and others. With it, categories including clothes, home electronics, cosmetics and shoes become easier to gift by eliminating the need to know a recipient’s size, color/style preferences or even shipping address.

Allowing recipients to customize gifts before shipping, coupled with engaging digital notifications, can create efficiencies for our partners, and can reduce operational costs and unlock incremental revenue.

In 2018, GiftNow’s parent company, Loop Commerce was acquired by Synchrony to broaden Synchrony’s technology portfolio and focus on digital personalized experiences.

Building on insights gained at retail, the GiftNow platform is addressing the gifting experience in a variety of new and exciting ways including corporate gifting.

With seamless digital experiences and emotionally rewarding choices, GiftNow can be the perfect platform for building better relationships with employees, clients and customers.