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Your best employees deserve to be rewarded.

Discover personalized corporate gifting at scale.

Celebrate success. Build culture.

Making sure your employees are well taken care of is a big responsibility. The first big impression your company makes on an employee is the first day of work. Get your new hires embracing the company culture before they start with a gift from GiftNow or welcome them with an exciting digital unwrapping experience when they open their first company email.

It’s also key to recognize a job well done with the perfect gift. Don’t wait to reward a promotion or other excellent achievements weeks later. GiftNow gives you the ability to give personalized gifts instantly and at scale. From holiday gifts to rewarding good work, GiftNow gives you better gifting options that make employees feel more valued and happier in their workplace.

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They receive your gift via email, text, messenger or printout.

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Accept or exchange

They open your gift online from a selection of your choosing, pick the item they prefer, customize the size and color and ship it to their preferred address.

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Gift arrives

Your gift ships to the address they provide.

  • Powerful personalization

    Provide a branded experience by adding your company’s logo to your digital gift. Add a personal touch by sending a video or photo greeting

  • Gifting at scale

    From on-boarding to holiday gifting, GiftNow scales and simplifies corporate gifting for HR professionals. 

  • No hassle inventory

    You no longer are limited to bulk-buying swag and second-guessing sizing volumes. We can eliminate hidden costs and the hassle of choosing, acquiring, storing, packing, shipping, and distributing gift packages. Only the gifts people opt to receive are shipped, and you can stay on budget.

  • Dynamic personalized delivery

    We deliver stylishly wrapped digital experiences for most any occasion from on-boarding to holiday gifts. Gifts can be scheduled in advance or delivered instantly via email, SMS and Facebook Messenger. GiftNow can be perfect for sending gifts to the entire company or instant gifts for spot rewards for employees. 

  • Track your gifting activity

    Whether sending to an individual or multiple departments our platform allows you to track gifting activity and gain data insights such as gift preferences, delivery rates, acceptance rates and more that you can use to improve employee morale and productivity.

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GiftNow can give you more employee gifting options.

  • Fostering company culture

    Excellent for acknowledging accomplishments (retirement, new baby, wedding, etc.).

    Great for team building and gift distribution.

  • Recruiting

    Send personalized gifts to high-demand candidates.

  • On-boarding

    Welcome new employees with personalized gifts that can connect their interests with their new employment.

  • Performance reviews

    Gifting is a great way to reward top performers.

  • Holiday gifts for employees

    Move beyond generic gifts for all, and give gifts that make employees feel more special and valued.

Connect with GiftNow to engage the true power of gifting.

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